Ataa Center

 Ataa center was born from the group’s sense of social responsibility and belief in the importance of national unity and the role of the private sector in assisting in sustainable development and community partnership. 


The center promotes community service in all segments and works towards developing it accordance with Islamic principles and values while ensuring quality and productivity.

Ataa’s community and development programs are based on principles of integration and partnership between private and governmental sectors, working together to aid in the development of the individuals and the families so that its impact is reflected on society.

The programs also contribute in supporting education, rehabilitation, training and employment of Saudi youth to help them enter professional fields with the skills needed to succeed.


The center also focuses on children with special needs and offers many care and support programs that aid them in fulfilling their potential.



To play an active role in contributing to sustainable social development.



To offer all possible sustainable developments so that we may have a positive impact on all segments of society.



  • To reflect the concept of social responsibility in its true sense in order to play a positive role in the training of future generations to meet future challenges and expectations.
  • Contribute in the areas of awareness, especially in the issues that affect the community.
  • Motivate young people and invest in their ambitions.
  • Support and care for people with special circumstances and needs.