Entertainment Partners

Entertainment Partners


Sky Zone are the inventors of trampoline park, an idea that combines fun with fitness. The patented idea was designed by engineers and the first park was opened in 2004.

I.E Park

A leading company in market of manufacturing recreational games. Their products range from bumper cars to roller coasters and are designed for open and closed amusement. I.E Park’s motto is quality, innovative design and safety.


The first European city designed for children between the ages of 4 and 12. The city 

teaches children about aspects of real such as the prices of goods and trade through fun educational activities and pretend play under educational 

Cheer Amusment

One of the largest manufacturers and designers of indoor games in the world. Cheer Amusement focuses on safety and creativity.


A leading manufacturer of park rides with high-quality in terms of performance and design.


Zamperla is a company that specializes in linking all aspects that bring an amusement park to life from the first design concepts to the finished product. Zamperla delivers through constant research and development, innovative creative design and use of cutting edge technology.


A company that offers pre-made entertainment and recreation solutions. Established in 1999 and already has a variety of successful projects implemented all over the world. ASI seeks to create unique entertainment facilities that are not only competitive, but also fit with the cultural, social and economic values of the market.

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