Al Hokair Entertainment’s  pioneering journey started in 1987 in the city of Riyadh in Al Malaz district at the beginning of the district’s developmental prosperity with the establishment of Al Malaz theme park, the first Al Hokair Entertainment projects. The entertainment sector in Al Hokair continued to grow to become the largest in Saudi Arabia’s industry of family entertainment with 79 entertainment centers around the Kingdom.

The group attracts more than 8 million visitors every year by providing suitable options for all of their needs from entertainment centers to giant open theme parks and kept expanding into other Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Sector’s age is more than 38 years.

Al-Malaz Fair was the sector’s first project.

The sector runs 64 entertainment centers and fairs around the kingdom.

More than 8 million visitor annually recorded.

Placed in 16 cities in Saudi Arabia, 3 cities in UAE, India, Egypt.

The secor’s extent exceeds 900,000 square meter.

Contributed in 35% of the group’s revenue by 2014.

The entertainment sector is one of the pillars of Al Hokair Group as Majed Al Hokair, vice president of Al Hokair Entertainment said: “The vision is always the same, deliver amusement, entertainment and joy to people presented in an attractive way in a safe, beneficial and healthy environment”. This vision influenced another aspect of the way the group operates which is to constantly find new innovative ideas in the field. 

The group has always been aware of society’s need and growing demand for contributions in the sectors of entertainment and tourism which is why it established over 71 different entertainment centers that offer a wide variety of services.

By 2014, The entertainment sector contributed with 35% of the earnings of the group and was present in 16 cities with 50 entertainment centers that cover 900,000 square meters.

Al Hokair Entertainment strives to meet the growing demand for entertainment centers and facilities since 40.9% of the Kingdom’s population is younger than 19 years.

Al Hokair Entertainment did not neglect the aspects of health and education. It offered teenagers a combination of physical activity and entertainment in “Skyzone”, provided activities that help those are younger develop their motor and team skills and simulate real life roles in “Snowy Forest” and “Minopolis” and delivered an entertainment experience for the whole the family through “Sparkys”.  

Al Hokair is a group that takes challenges head on, becoming the largest name in the Kingdom’s entertainment sector and one of the biggest in the region. The group has set new challenges for itself to conquer by expanding into GCC countries, India and North Africa.

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