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Al Hokair calls for the establishment of a specialized zones in the entertainment industry and the use of natural components to create a distinctive Saudi-based Style.

Mr. Majid Al Hokair Vice Chairman of the group, presented within the Travel Forum sessions and Tourism Investment a drafted document with the title of "Future aspirations in the tourism entertainment industry" and this was presented during the "investment in the touristic entertainment industry in the Kingdom session: reality and future aspirations,”. 

During the session, Prof. Majid confirmed that the entertainment industry in the Kingdom is the most important means of tourist attractions, where research suggests that it is the first and most important activity in tourist attractions. He continued "the entertainment industry has rapidly developed in recent years" . "It has evolved and emerged several new styles, as entertainment centers spread clearly through huge investments in major cities, and became a representation of the most important entertainment and tourism industry in the Kingdom". As a result, this leads for the involved parties to show interest in the Entertainment industry sector and to organize it and work on developing it to achieve the success of the touristic development in the kingdom which in return helps build confidence within visitors and tourists in the products of this major sector

He added that the tourism industry has become a major investment because it is the most important national income tool and supports the growth, development, and renaissance in all fields; pointing out that the Kingdom has become one of the important tourist destinations regionally and globally.

Mr. Majid Al Hokair enlightened the presence as well with his vision for the future in regards to the advancement of the tourism industry in the Kingdom.

He called for the creation of specialized areas in the entertainment industry, "Aqua cities… Theme Park specialized areas….Safari". He also called for establishing companies investing in the entertainment industry as well as to attract global role-models, and to take advantage of the natural desert components to find a Saudi- special style. Also , he called for the creation of exhibitions specialized in the entertainment industry , whilst providing simplified services along with loans from relevant authorities. Further, work on integrating people with special needs in the entertainment facilities and benefit from the global experiences of the entertainment industry.

Moreover, the major future aspirations, according to Mr. Al Hokair –include the development of the safe entertainment industry concept, and continuous training through specialized companies in the development of human capacities & capabilities. Plus, the group aspires to create executive committee to follow up on recommendations generated by staying updated with the new developments in entertainment industry.

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