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Al Hokair Group opening of MENA Plaza Riyadh


On Saturday April 21, 2012, Al Hokair Group opened its door to their newest hotel, MENA Plaza Riyadh, as a new addition to the MENA Hotels and Resorts chain. Mr. Sami A. Al Hokair, the EVP of Al Hokair Group and CEO of Hotels Division, sponsored the opening. It was attended by Mr. Khalid Anib, the Managing Director of the hotel sector of the Group, Mr. Fadi Mazkour, the Regional Director of the MENA Hotels and Resorts, as well as Mr. Wajdy ElChaar, The General Manager of MENA Plaza Riyadh Hotel.


Mr. Sami Al Hokair, the Executive Vice President of Al Hokair Group, announced that Al Hokair group's investment in the Hotel field will eventually benefit the Kingdom's economy as it will also create jobs for the Saudi work force as well as supply the growing demand for Hotel units as a result of the Kingdom's booming economy. That has also caused the constant travel of businessmen from inside and outside the country, which creates a demand that must be met with the must suitable reception.


Mr. Fadi Mazkour, the Regional Director of MENA Hotels and Resorts, assured that the company has created a clear strategy in its plan to expand inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as there will be more projects in the future that will certainly affect the field of services and hospitality which will be announced in due time. 

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