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AlHokair’s Entertainment Centers Attract a Large Number of Visitors during Eid

AbdulMohsen AlHokair Group for Tourism and Development’s entertainment centers attracted a large number of visitors during Eid Al-Fitr. This year’s event was very special in terms of the

wide range of entertaining shows and activities. All of this is done help our visitors celebrate this joyous occasion and make sure we live up to their expectations.

The number of visitors has exceeded the maximum capacity of the entertainment centers due to the modern high-tech entertainment outlets each center has for various age groups.

The aim of AlHokair Group is to keep their visitors interested and provide a maximum level of comfort and safety for them to enjoy all that is new and new and interesting.

AlHokair places great importance on quality and safety standards sector. The sector reaped in recent years many of the regional and international certificates that accredits the group’s overall quality and security measures that help ensure the wellbeing of their visitors.

All entertainment centers undergo regular maintenance at the hands of specialists. There is also around-the- clock trained, qualified technicians to maintain all safety and security conditions, which are the keys behind AlHokair’s certificates due to their compliance with the international standards and requirements.

Mish’al AlHokair, the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Entertainment Sector, emphasized that this large number of visitors during Eid Al-Fitr shows the visitors trust in the Group’s entertainment centers as it provides its guests with exciting mental and physical games insuring their utmost happiness and joy.

He added that the entertainment centers along with other facilities at AlHokair are always being developed to match their counterparts in Europe and America, while still maintaining the privacy of the Saudi society and their traditions.

He then expressed his thanks to all the visitors of AlHokair, stressing that their confidence in AlHokair Group will push them to achieve the aspirations of the pioneers.

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