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Within Jeddah Municipality's Program for Evaluating and Classifying the Quality and Safety of Food Services AlHokair’s Hotels Receive "the Medal of Excellence" Awards

AbdulMohsen AlHokair for Tourism and Development's hotels participated in Jeddah Municipality's program to evaluate the quality and safety of food services and bestow the Medal of Excellence on food establishments that have achieved the highest quality standards. The awards were given during a ceremony that was held by Jeddah Municipality in collaboration with many governmental agencies and related entities.

This program was launched to improve the safety and quality of the food that is provided to residents and visitors of Jeddah. This is done through a contract with a neutral British company specialized in food quality to assess targeted food establishment through  the "E-Cristal program". The program uses the highest quality standards on all food establishment to ensure a high level of food services.

The Holiday Inn Jeddah Gateway Hotel received the Medal of Excellence in the five-star category for achieving the highest standards of quality systems and food safety as well as Jeddah Municipality's special requirements.  The Holiday Inn Jeddah - AlSalam Hotel also received the Medal of Excellence in  the four-star category. 

Also, the Red Sea Palace Hotel received the Medal of Excellence for the four-star category  as well as AlHmara hotel for the same category. 

Participating in such programs help us improve the quality of food services we provide since the Municipality's program has adopted strict requirement to achieve the Medal of Excellence ranging from the establishment's limitations to the wellbeing and safety of its employees. The program also examines the food quality during all it phases of transportation as well as its cooking and serving  process. In addition to records, security, safety, samples, training,  food safety softwares and systems and special needs' accommodations. 





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