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Sparky’s AlHokair, the largest entertainment center chain in Saudi Arabia, launched its “Station of Knowledge” festival in all its Sparky’s branches across the Kingdom; Riyadh’s Panorama Mall & Nakeel Mall, Jeddah’s Red Sea Mall and Dhahran’s Dhahran Mall. A festival that brought happiness to all those who have attended.
Those who participated in the event expressed extreme satisfaction with all the activities and events that accompanied this festival. They also extended their thanks to Sparky’s AlHokair for hosting such a festival especially during holidays and national vacations. 
Station of Knowledge is an educational festival dedicated to those from the ages of 5 to 12 years old with the help of more than 64 volunteers.
The child then takes educational trip between different stations targeting different interests such as dinosaurs, robotics, business and investment, writing stories, physical activities, autopsy, chemistry and cultural trips using specialized technology.
Sparky’s stressed the importance of hosting such events that combine high end entertainment with good quality education that will eventually help the community rise and prosper.
The event was advertised via social media and reached over 4 million followers through their accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Sparky’s AlHokair was also advertised through Dominos Pizza’s account, who were the catering sponsor for the event.


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