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AlHokair Institutesbecame the first specialized institutes in tourism and hospitality to receive the ISO certificate for administrative international standards and theISO certificate for food safety and quality, which was given by Intertek Int. Making it one of the firstinstitutes to receive this certificate in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia. 

Mr. Majid AlHokair, Chairman of AlHokair Group,  emphasized the group’s continuous pursuit to maintain these global standards which requires upholding itself to the highest international standards in order to provide the best quality service, which is the institutes top priority. The institutes obtainedthe ISO certificate ISO9001: 2008,which specifies requirements for a quality management systems; proving that AlHokairInstitutes are the best choicein Saudi Arabiato consider when planning to work in the hospitality sector. 

Obtaining such standards made it easier for AlHokair Institutes to starts adapting these international standards. This along with their team spirit and dedication to providing the highest quality of service is what is going to benefit all those affiliated with AlHokair Institutes, from companies to trainees. 

He also stressed that the institutes have a clear workvision characterizedby transparency and honesty. This is done by building strategic partnership between AlHokairInstitutes and other companies involved in the accommodation sector.

Dr. Shukri Mansour, the CEO of AlHokair Institutes, expressed his joy and pride in his institutesreceiving the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, whichenhancedtheir lead in the Saudi hospitality sector. He also thanked  Mr. MajedAlHokair and all institutes’ employees on this success. He continued that receiving such a certificate provesthe institutes ongoing commitment to providing high quality service in their training, which increases our faith in AlHokairInstitutes and their ability to meet the needs of its clients by providing them with a group of trained  qualified hoteliers. He then concluded that our principles are intact and rooted deep in hospitality standards. We are institutes of excellence and we rely on our determined and dedicated employees , our partners in excellence.


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